We’re SafeCamz. We reinvent things.

Connect any camera and watch from anywhere.

SafeCamz is the leading innovator behind Caught On Cloud™, a State-of-the-Art secure hosted video surveillance solution based on world leading streaming and storage technologies. With our landmark Caught On Cloud™ secure hosted video surveillance solutions, SafeCamz provides leading edge solutions to cost- conscious, results-driven, and value-oriented organizations.

SafeCamz is a cyber security and network operation company providing enhanced and secure hosted video surveillance solutions. With world-wide coverage SafeCamz delivers reliable, high-quality and competitively priced security video monitoring and surveillance services for businesses of all sizes.

At SafeCamz we pride ourselves on providing the most robust, innovative, and affordable security video monitoring and surveillance platform available. In fact, we’re committed to changing the way security video monitoring and surveillance solutions are deployed forever!

The idea for SafeCamz was birthed in May of 2007; however, the internet technology we needed to develop this envisioned State-of-the-Art platform just wasn’t available. Fast forward to the highly sophisticated internet networks available now, and the time had arrived to launch SafeCamz. So, over the last 8 years we documented every detail and idea leading us to the much anticipated development and release of SafeCamz in May of 2015.